The Gemz 2012

Last year I had the immense pleasure and honor to be house photographer for The Gemz Annual Mother-Daughter Breakfast event. The Gemz is a faith-based mentoring and leadership program for young ladies and girls between the ages of 11 and 18 in the DC/MD/VA area and is led by Adeola, who is not only one of my oldest and dearest friends, but also a woman I admire for her consistency, heart and passion. Learn more about The Gemz here.

I applaud the wonderful work the organization is doing for girls in the local community. I have heard that raising kids these days is not getting any easier and just look around, kids have so many negative influences waiting for them as soon as they set foot out the door, it is great to know that there is another place outside of the home where girls can learn more about how valued they are and also bond with like minded company.

Every year around Mothers’ Day, Adeola and her team of like minded inspirational women of faith put together a breakfast event where mothers and daughters can just take time out to bond over breakfast, while listening to dynamic guest speakers.

There were the special ‘mother-daughter” portraits of the girls and their moms among other games and activities. It was an event packed full of fun, inspiration, and a lot of love. I am so proud of Adeola’s vision in putting this together every year, working tirelessly behind the scenes! You can tell she is just rewarded by seeing the girls grow and mature to the leaders and gems they were really born to be.

This year I am going back. It is on the 4th of May so if you or anyone you know are in the DC/VA/MD area with a daughter between ages 11 and 18, go register for this year’s event here. The theme this year is “Stand Out”. Need I say more. I cannot wait to attend again this year!

Last year’s theme was “A gift from above”. The lovely decor was done by event planner extraordinaire Denike Matthew Ajayi of Events by Glow.
Graduate was surprised with a beautiful prom dress! Go girl!

Tasting Brooklyn Event

You know I am a “for food only” (Nigerian colloquial speak for “foodie”, ok a bit more derogatory) heheh. So I wound up at the  ultimate gastronomy heaven i.e Tasting Brooklyn Event this past week to shoot ahem taste, sorry, stuff my face with the delectable food samples. Learn more about the Annual Tasting Brooklyn Event here.

In the meantime keep calm and view a few snippets from the event.

Baby, baby, baby – Coming soon


Baby D is coming soon to the blog!

Get a load of that cuteness to tide you over till I blog her story. First we will start with mom’s maternity shoot and then see more of squishy love chug of cuteness that is Dani!! Can’t wait :)

Caroline + John – Part Deux: Love on a vintage subway car

Well as promised here is the second part of my adventures with the lovely Caroline and her dapper groom John.

Decided to put a certain spin on this one – something of a transit/travel theme, mixed up with Caroline and John’s wedding theme of Old Hollywood/1940s glam!  And it proved to be a smash hit! Awesome job guys! Caroline styled herself and John with John’s valuable input of course. Love them!


Old Hollywood glam theme…

Where are we going….that’s right, MEXICO!!!


Caroline + John – Part 1: Central Park

What can I say about the lovely Caroline and her fiance John. One thing for sure is together they make the cutest couple. I had a blast spending the day at the park with these high school sweethearts about to tie the knot in a destination wedding in ME HI KO this spring!!!

Caroline explained to me how beloved Central Park is to them given the many fun memories they’ve had there over the years. I’m thinking, ‘err location – no brainer!’ lol. From the river to the bridge to the castle we had such a fun day full of laughs, John was such a fun guy and sweet Caroline, as you can see, was and is a doll! Together they brought it all to the shoot! Thanks guys! Love you both and many congratulations! PS: Thanks for the ride!

Blogging in 2 parts so stay tuned for part deux…

Caroline, rrrrr

off we skip to find the ever elusive Belvedere Castle…

almost there, folks…

yaay victory at last! :P


You know how we like to do here at the factory. New Year always brings new life and what better than a sure promise of new life into this world in the form of a sweet mat sesh?! Lol I thought so.

Ife is one of my beloved brides from a couple years past. Well as of today she and her hubby are enjoying cuddles with their little one. Ife and Billy y’all never disappoint! Happy New Year and congrats on the little one who of course Aunty Yinka just cannot wait to meet!

Paola’s Maternity Session

Yes hun you ARE pregnant! :P

The lovely Pao in all her pregnant glory…and I am very happy to have documented this happy moment in her life! So, first we hit the pristine beaches…

Introducing Ms. Fiyin – 2 weeks

Remember this maternity session? Well barely 3 weeks after our rocking mat sesh baby Fiyin made her grand entrance into this world! Enjoy the moments I had with her on her baby shoot.

Congrats to her lovely proud parents – thanks guys for granting me the priviledge documenting her first few moments of life!


Isn’t she lovely?


The Wedding Salon Fall 2012

I was at the fall The Wedding Salon expo with event planner extraordinaire,  the super competent Priscilla of CillaHolloway Events! And what fun we had. Now,the wedding salon is high end wedding vendors all together under one roof in NYC pulling out all the stops. Here are just a few shots.
 Gorgeous table settings by various events planners…
 Delectable wedding cakes and the samples were YUMMMM
Flower overload!
When I saw this I was like uhh OH NO THEY DIDN’T!!! Someone sneaked and told the organizers my fave wine in the world is ICEWINE!!! NO THEY DID NOT LOL. I am soo country, I don’t know how to pair my wines and I am so not a lady in that I don’t drink red wine but I love my sweet dessert wines – I mean give me ICEWINE anytime anyday and its over. They had these teeny samples in cups and I may or may not have gotten buzzed off of that stuff lol. They had 4 different types. Great job Icewine Exclusives!
More flower power…
This was another first…bedazzled ties! So if you want your groom all blinged out holla at these guys. I guess this is a new trend eh?
it wouldn’t be complete without the dresses of course…
 Smart Water was there in full effect. I loved their display.
 A dance show by a dance studio that offers dance lessons to help ensure all two left feet will be banished on that first dance…

Ericka + Erskine: A love session

I am beyond honored to have captured a sliver of the love between these two in Brooklyn on a beautiful fall day. The laughs were not only real, they were mad contagious. Thanks guys!


So I am at the Brooklyn Bridge Park often enough, at least I think I am :) but I was so pleasantly surprised that they had a love padlock lockdown! I saw these on Bridges in Rome, Florence and Paris and thought it was a European thing but apparently the tourists have exported it to the BK. Love it!

Get it Ericka!